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Upspire Artists

Upspire is an art studio unlike any other.

We work with artists to bring their unique designs to life using layers of laser cut wood that are stacked to create dimensional works of art.

These artworks are featured in the Upspire online gallery for purchase. Users can customize the frame color and certain aspects of the layer coloring as defined by the artist.

Upspire artisans in Bellingham, Washington produce each piece to the artists specifications and ship it directly to its new home.

  • 30% of each purchase goes to the artist who designed the piece
  • 10% goes to the artisans who cut, color, and assemble the piece
  • 5% goes to a worthy cause
  • And the rest covers the cost of materials, marketing, shipping, and the maintenance of the Upspire workshop.

We support various sizes of artworks from 8”x8” to 32”x24” that range in price from $80 to $3,000 depending on size, layers, and complexity. 

If you’re an inspired artist and want to bring delight and joy to people then please reach out and say hi. We would love to get to know you.

We never charge our artists fees of any kind and the artists proof is always on us and shipped free to US based artists.

How much can I expect to make as an Upspire artist?
Let’s say you have a 50 edition piece that is listed at $325. If it sells out then you the artist will receive $4,875.

When and how do I get paid?
At the end of the month we total up the sales of your artworks and send your share via PayPal or Venmo.

Do artists need to drive traffic to their art?
No, but it’s super helpful and the more fans you bring the more art you are likely to sell. We use various channels and advertising to drive traffic to the Upspire online gallery which leads to art discovery and sales.

What about galleries and other storefronts?
Yes, we love getting art out into the real world where people can see it in person. We invite artists to secure hangings in local galleries and stores and Upspire will arrange to have artwork produced and delivered at no cost until sold.

Will artworks from various artists appear together?
Yes, we are a community dedicated to supporting each other in lifting up this new medium. We are always trying, where appropriate, to showcase the work of multiple artists so everyone gets more exposure.

Does Upspire have an affiliate program?
Yes we sure do. Affiliates who drive visits that result in a sale will get a 10% commission. If you are an artist who drives the traffic and your piece is purchased that’s an addition 10% you make. Sign up here

Contact us to learn more about becoming an Upspire Artist.